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I’m Soft, Like Andalusian Cotton
expositiepublicatie Anders Meisner
Tinimini Room, 10 december 2022 - februari 2023

‘Anders Meisner (Copenhagen, 1981) creates colourful, flat-looking, repetitive, and ornamental paintings and drawings in which he includes ‘simples’ – stylized, abstracted versions of things from our real world, that take on the role as symbols in his work. In his current work, Meisner makes paintings and drawings in gouache, oil paint, oil sticks and crayons. The graphic influence from his early days are still preva- lent in his style, which shows elements like repetition of elements and symbols – often to make patterns –, vibrant use of colours, and a flat appearance because of the ab- sence of a background, perspective and scale.’

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